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Small House Movement

People are talking about the tiny house movement. What is it? Is it small houses that are being moved down the street to tiny lots? Is it a political movement? This movement is all about a segment of society that states that people are downsizing the space or spaces that they live in. If you […]

Tiny House Floor Plans

Searching for  house plans, floor plans or designs on the internet is now the easiest way to browse and select a quality house design structure for your dream home. Most companies offering structure designs provide house plan drafting, plan floor, garage planning etc. with ready assistance from qualified architects. Very often, house plans are available […]

Tiny Houses

Applicatory Tips Making Teensy Houses Discussion Air. Air circulation is important to give your imagery national indoors. Because if not, you will often seek hot and hot, especially if your domicile is a weensy refuge.   Ir Sukendro SP, from Nataneka Architects said, that the wellborn of indoor air circulation, is ascertained by the quality […]

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